Friday, May 18, 2012

We're Under Attack!

Good Morning!  Guess what?  The alien baby is still living across the street but now we have new babies on the way.  Yep, new babies are on the way and they are not alien babies. (Sorry Mom.  No more alien baby talk-I'll try to remember.)

I guess I should explain...yesterday we went out to the bus stop as usual, but the experience was very unusualAs soon as we walked to the really tall hedges at the end of our driveway, we heard loud chirping-almost screeching.  We looked around, but didn't see anything.  Then, faster than you can say "We're under attack!"...we were under attack!  Brown birds flew out of the bushes and flew at our heads.  I couldn't believe it and Krumbs was dumbfounded.  The birds didn't actually hit us but the screeching and dive bombing certainly made us move to the other side of the driveway! Check out the drawing below:

As it turns out, that is exactly what the birds wanted.  A pair of birds (and no, I don't know what kind of birds) had spent the day and probably part of the night building a nest and maybe even laying eggs.  The screeching and dive bombing were a way for the parents to protect their nest and their eggs.  We decided to heed the birds' warning and stay away from the hedge.  Krumbs says we will need to stay away until the babies hatch and then the adult birds will leave us alone.  Who knew?  We're going to have babies!!!

We were fascinated by the idea of having animal babies right outside our door and we wanted to know more!  We, of course, visited the Cafe where we found a fab new article about animal parents and how they protect (or don't protect) their babies.  The article is called "A Bunch of Babies" by Amy Sentner and it is filled with amazing facts that we loved. (One fascinating fact?!?  Strawberry Dart Frogs hide each of their tadpoles in drops of water on plants.  The water drops hide the tadpoles and keeps them safe from predators.  Check out the article for more fascinating facts.)

Have a great weekend and check back soon for an update on our new babies.


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