Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot Dogs+Lemonade+Parade=Memorial Day

Happy Tuesday!

Wasn’t it fantastic to have a three day weekend?  Krumbs and I had so much fun this Memorial Day.  We played softball, took part in a car wash, hung out with friends and, best of all, watched the Memorial Day Parade!

Softball was awesome, as always.  We played three games this weekend…and we won!  I have to admit, I did not hit well this weekend—a couple of pop-ups, a ground out to first, and even a strike out!  I hate it when I’m just “off” and things just don’t seem to be working.  Lucky for me, I’m part of a team and everyone else WAS hitting and we won.  It’s so cool that I have the kind of team where every person supports every other person so when one person’s having a bad day everyone else picks up the slack.  Krumbs says that’s what teamwork is all about and I agree! (He is SUCH an amazing dog.)

It was such a hot and humid weekend that we were thrilled when our neighbors asked us to wash their cars.  We joined up with three friends and had so much fun.  It was just slippery, soapy, silly, wonderful wet and completely fabulous fun!  Have you ever washed a car?  It is a lot of fun and it helps the owner of the car too!

Well, the biggest news was the parade.  We sat around eating hot dogs, sipping lemonade and watching the parade.  There were marching bands, firemen, policemen, fancy old cars and most important of all, groups of soldiers who have protected our country all over the world.  Krumbs and I did some extra, extra loud cheering when the soldiers marched by us.  I think everyone cheered louder for the soldiers and I really believe they deserved it!

Have you checked out the article on the Café called, “Hot Dog!” by K.J. Bain?  It tells the history of the hot dog and since Krumbs and I ate about a dozen this weekend, we wanted to know all about them!  Did you know over 1 BILLION hot dogs are eaten every year?!??!  This article was full of fun facts about one of the best foods in the world…at least in my opinion!


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