Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Really Rainy Wednesday

Good Morning!

Ugh!  It's a really rainy Wednesday morning and I just didn't want to climb out of bed.  It was one of those mornings--you know the kind...when you're warm and toasty, deep in the middle of a really cool dream of taking over the school lunchroom and serving hot fudge sundaes for free all day long.  Just as the kids get ready to crown you "Cafeteria Queen" and offer their undivided loyalty, a sound breaks through.  BEEP!  BEEP! BEEEEEEEP!  BEEP!  Yep, the alarm jolts you awake and suddenly you're in bed.  Your crown has turned into a mixed up mess of knotty hair, the chanting kids have been replaced by your mom telling you you're really late and warm and toasty covers are replaced by cold air and the slap of bare feet on freezing cold tile floors--Ugh!  That's when you know it's a really rainy Wednesday morning.

Krumbs and I hate really rainy days because we'll be stuck inside all afternoon.  Oh well, we'll have the chance to visit the Cafe and see what's new.  Last night we found out some really neat information about one of the most popular stars in the history of basketball, Michael Jordan.  Did you know Michael was cut from the varsity basketball team in high school?  It's true and even we couldn't believe it.  We read about it in  "I Hate Sports" by Karen Holt. It is a great article about giving sports and sports' teams a second chance if things don't go well the first time around...and it had some great news about Michael Jordan, too! 

I think we'll also play some games.  A Cafe favorite for me is House of Chocolate in the Cafe Game Room...really, anything chocolate works for me, especially on a really rainy Wednesday.  Do you have a favorite online game?  What do you like to do on a really rainy Wednesday?  Krumbs and I would love to know!

Enjoy your day and check back again later!


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