Friday, May 11, 2012

"The Creator's Game"-North America's Oldest Sport

Good Morning Everyone!

Krumbs and I woke up and found wild turkeys in our yard again today!  I think they may be nesting somewhere in our yard or in the woods.  Maybe one day soon, we’ll wake up to baby turkeys—how amazing would that be?

I’m a little tired this morning.  Last night we spent the evening watching North America’s oldest sport.  Can you guess the sport that was played by Native Americans long before Columbus discovered America?  Krumbs and I learned all about it at the Café.  We read the article, “The Need for Speed” by Gail Greenberg, and we learned all about the game whose nickname is “The Creator’s Game”. 

Check out this sport for boys or girls and then let us know…what’s your favorite sport?   We'll be spending our weekend playing and watching our favorite sports--softball and baseball.  We'll also play a few rounds of  Krumbs favorite unofficial sport-chipmunk chasing!  

Hope your weekend is fabulous.  Have fun and check back soon!


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