Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Three weeks to Halloween!  Are you ready?  Krumbs and I are ready!  Well, we’re almost ready! Um, we’re kind of ready!  Okay, we’re not ready at all!

This weekend we are going to look for our costumes.  Last year shopping for costumes was a Halloween Disaster.  Krumbs became a little overexcited and we had to leave.  This year, I’ve learned my lesson—Krumbs will stay at home and I will shop alone.  (Sorry, Krumbs—you know I love you even when I shop without you!)
To get ourselves in the mood for Halloween, Krumbs and I are going to make “EYEBALL SOAP” to put in our bathroom.  I found the recipe on the Café last year and it is awesomely gooey and gross looking!  Check out this picture from the Café:

You know you want to make some…and give them out to your friends!  Click here for the ingredients and directions and make some awesome soap of your own!!


 Happy Haunting, Everyone!

Cookie and Krumbs


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