Thursday, October 17, 2013


Good Morning!
Are you ready for Halloween?  The super-fun holiday is only 14 days away…and Krumbs and I can’t wait!!!!!  Do you have plans?  Will you make awesome tasty treats? 

We found a great idea on Cake Central for really cool eyeball cupcakes.  Yep, we’re pretty stuck on eyeballs this Halloween, aren’t we?  We took the idea on the Cake Central website and then added our own idea for a darker, bigger pupil.  Are you wondering how we did it?  We made pupils (the dark circle in the center of the eye) using M&M candy!  You can make these treats with a few easy ingredients.  Check it out:

White frosted cupcakes

Gummy lifesavers

Brown M&M candies
Red icing in a writing tube
Some extra white frosting (one or two tablespoons)


Place one gummy lifesaver in the center of each frosted cupcake.

Place a dot of white frosting on the back of a brown M&M candy and place the M&M over the hole in the lifesaver.

Use the writing tube to draw squiggly, red “veins” from the lifesaver to the edges of the cupcake.

Try not to eat all of these grossly eye catching treats all at once!!!!! 
Hurray for Halloween!!!!


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