Monday, October 14, 2013


How do you communicate?  Do you talk, scream, whisper, or whine?  All of these types of communication involve speech and your voice, so they are called “verbal communication.”  Author Tonya Reiman says there is more to communicating than using your voice.   Ms. Reiman says 93% of human communication is non-verbal.  Non-verbal refers to everything you use to communicate that does not involve your voice.  Non-verbal communication involves body language and body language has to do with things like gestures, body posture, facial expressions and eye contact. That means you really can communicate without any words and people communicate non-verbally all the time!

Krumbs and I read all about body language and non-verbal communication in an article on the Café by Julie Musil called “You Don’t Say.”  In the article, Ms. Musil gives fabulous hints on how to use body language to learn more about your friends and what they’re thinking.  (Are you wondering if your friend is telling you the truth?  You can tell if a person is being truthful if he or she looks in your eyes, stands straight and tall, uncrosses his or her arms and move them with palms facing up!)  Are you ready to decode your friends’ thoughts?  Click here to read Julie Musil’s article on the Café.

Have a Great Week!  Happy Monday, Everyone!

Cookie and Krumbs


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