Monday, July 1, 2013


Ugh!  Krumbs and I were just enjoying a little summer fun yesterday.  We weren’t trying to get in any trouble…but we did. 

It all started with an animal bonanza hike in the woods!  First, we saw a flying squirrel!  The furry, little guy (or girl, we’re not sure) jumped from tree limb to tree limb and some of them were so far apart, the squirrel looked like he was really flying.  While we were staring up at flying squirrels, we noticed a hawk circling.  Hawks are the most amazing birds and when they are circling, it means they’ve found food and are getting ready to dive!  We watched it circle and circle before it dove to the ground…and shot back up with its prey dangling from its mouth!! Check out the photo of a hawk from the US Fish and Wildlife Image Gallery:

So, you ask, what’s the problem?  Krumbs and I spent so much time looking UP, that we forgot to look down.  We must have brushed past or walked into a patch of poison ivy because I woke up this morning covered with an itchy, angry, red, crusty rash all over my legs and arms…and even on the bottoms of my feet!!!!!

Poison Ivy is gross.  Poison Ivy is itchy.  Poison Ivy is oozy.  Poison Ivy when you are hot and sweaty is just plain miserable!!!  What’s a sweaty, itchy, oozy, miserable girl to do?  

We went to the air conditioned public library, which is where I am sitting right now.  We are typing this while my body stops sweating and my skin stops itching-Ahhhh!  While we are here, we’re going to read Zach Gasior’s new article on the Café called “Combatting Poison Ivy.”  Click here to find out about the power of
Toxicodendron and how many different looks poison ivy can haveYikes!

Well, the air conditioning is working and my itching is stopping.  I think I’m ready to venture outside again because flying squirrels and soaring, diving hawks make a little itching and oozing seem almost okay.  Besides, I'll be more careful next time.  Have a great day and stop by again soon.


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