Monday, July 8, 2013


Here’s the Krumbs and Cookie Quirky Question of the Day:

If you use a triangle or square-shaped
wand to blow a bubble, what shape will the bubble be?

Did you say a bubble’s shape is a sphere even if the wand is shaped like a triangle or square?  If you did, you’re right.  Krumbs and I found out all about bubbles in Sandie Lee’s article “Bubble-ience” on the Imagination Café.  We learned all about the science behind one of our favorite summer activities.  Find out for yourself why bubbles are always round, how they help clean your dirty dishes, the five things bubbles DON’T like and the size of the biggest bubble ever created by clicking here!

Looking for more bubble fun?  Check out's “Bubble Homepage” and you’ll find bubble poems, bubble solutions, and awesome bubble activities.  Click here.

If you try some of the activities listed on the “Bubble Homepage” or you read something awesome in Sandie Lee’s “Bubble-ience” article, tell us about it in the "Open Mike" section of Imagination Cafe by clicking here.
Goodbye everyone!  We are off to make some bubble magic...and we hope you make some too.  Have a great day!


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