Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Help-hiccup-I have a horrible-hiccup-case of singultus! 

I bet you think I’ve gone crazy, don’t you?  No you don't because, of course, you’ve already figured out that singultus is the scientific name for….hiccups!  Well, I am talking about hiccups because I can’t seem to get rid of them today.

Have you ever had a ridiculously long bout of hiccups?  It really stinks!  This is the first time I’ve had to deal with singultus for such a long time…and it is awful!  I’ve had hiccups now for almost an hour!

Krumbs says that is actually nothing compared to Charles Osbourne.  He had a bout of singultus that lasted 68 years!!  I cannot even imagine that, can you?  (I can’t even stand one hour…and Krumbs says in order to be considered “persistent”, hiccups have to last more than 48 hoursI will lose my mind!!!)

Are you wondering where in the world Krumbs is getting such unusual information?  Nope…of course, you already know!  Krumbs was visiting the Imagination Café and he found an article by Michaele Charles called “What’s Up with Hiccups?”  The article has all kinds of cool facts and information about sinulutus…and suggestions about how to get rid of this pesky problem!

Check out the 411 on hiccups by clicking here!  Krumbs and I are off to swallow some sugar… and if you read the article and you’ll know why!

Cookie and Krumbs


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