Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Good Morning!  Are You READY?  Here it comes.... 
Cookie and Krumbs Crazy Question of the Day:

What kind of milk comes in orange, berry, banana, and tropical fruit flavors?

Are you curious? Are you interested?  We found the answer in Deborah Mitchell’s article “Milk Minus the Moo” at the Imagination Café.  This is a super cool article that explores lots of options to plain, old milk. 

We had no idea there were so many kinds of milk…and none are from a cow!  (Get it?   It is Milk MINUS the “MOO”!!!!!) Of course, there is one more amazing part to this article…(Our very favorite thing) a recipe!  We tried Deborah Mitchell’s recipe for a “fruity non-dairy shake” and it was FRUITY-LICIOUS!

Now I know you’re ready to check it out!  Just click here to see Deborah Mitchell’s “moo-ving” article!


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