Monday, May 6, 2013


What a glorious weekend!  Krumbs and I had two days filled with softball games, sleepovers, sun and terrifically tasty foodsHow about you?
We lost two softball games-L, but we won two others-J  The weather was awesome, warm enough to get rid of coats and sweatshirts but cool enough that we weren’t horribly hot…it was so perfect!  I haven’t been the world’s greatest hitter recently, but it is cool that my team supports each player and the coach tells me everything will come back around.  What do you think about that?  Softball is a kind of “in your head” game, so it is hard to stop thinking about not doing well….when you’re not doing well.

What do you do to get out of a slump?  Yogi Berra, one of the greatest clutch hitters of all time, said "I can't think and hit at the same time" and I think he may be right.  I am thinking too much, too often.  Krumbs and I found a great site called “Girls” and it is filled with tips and advice for hitting and hitting slumps....but I'm not out of my slump yet.

If you have any good tips for me, visit Klub Krumbs and share them!  Krumbs and I would love to hear from youjust click hereto register. 

Have a great day and check back with us soon!
Cookie and Krumbs


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