Friday, May 10, 2013


Ahhhh….spring is really, really, officially and incredibly here!  How do I know?  What did I find?  Who did I see?  I found my official sign of spring yesterday, right in my backyard!


No, it is not baseball or softball.  It is not flowers, green grass or tree buds.  All of those things may be signs of spring for you…but for Krumbs and I, spring officially arrives when the snakes start crawling through my backyard grass.  And no, I am not CRAZY!!!


Yesterday, Krumbs and I were walking across the yard, basking in the bright, warm sun.  We were walking slowly because the sun felt SO GOOD after a few cooler, rainy days.  When we arrived at the edge of our flower garden, we stopped to see what was growing and there it was!!!


Stretched across a gray rock and preening in the golden light, lay a beautiful greenish-brown snake.  It was so content, (kind of like Krumbs and I, right?) that it looked right at us and didn’t even move!  Of course we were thrilled…and we announced the official start of spring!

How about you?  Do you love sleek, slithery snakes?  Do these remarkable reptiles make you shiver with joy or shake with fear?  If you are a fan of snakes, we’d like to recommend Alicia Klepies’ article about unusual snakes on the Imagination Café.  The author tells about three amazing and unusual snakes found in Australia—check it out by clicking here!

Have a great weekend my friends.  We’re off to hunt snakes…and maybe take a photo for next week.  Check back soon!


Cookie and Krumbs


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