Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Are you ready for the Cookie and Krumbs Crazy Question of the Day?  Well, Ladies and Gentlemen…dadadadadadadadadadada…(a little drum roll, right there!) Here it is:

How much of a cucumber is water?

Are you curious about why we’re asking such a silly question today?  Well, it is sort of wild, really.  Remember when we carved a snake out of the really long cucumber my mom bought last week?  We loved our cucumber snake (check out the picture below):

But…something strange and wonderful happened over the weekend.  We forgot about our slick and slim snake-y friend and we left it out on the windowsill.  Guess what we found this morning?  We found a very different cucumber snake (check out the picture below):

So now you can understand our question of the day!  Cucumbers are 95% water.  By sitting on the windowsill all weekend, our slick and slim snake-y friend became seriously dehydrated and, unlike people, we can’t do anything to re-hydrate our friend—we will have to love just the way he is…until he gets moldy and we have to throw him away. 

So that’s our great revelation for today.  Cucumbers are chock full of water and they can definitely lose their water—cool, right?  Let us know about your cool experiments on Klub Krumbs by clicking here.



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