Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy Passover!  Happy Easter! 

Krumbs and I celebrated both holidays this week.  We had a fantastic Passover Seder with our family and friends on Tuesday and an Easter egg hunt with our family and friends on Sunday. 

How about you?  Which spring holiday did you celebrate?  Did you celebrate both like Krumbs and I or do you celebrate a holiday I haven’t even mentioned yet?

We noticed Passover and Easter both use an egg.  We like the idea of eggs as a symbol of new life and re-birth.  Isn’t that what happens in the spring?  Everything that was dead and buried under snow and ice starts to grow again.

We colored eggs last Friday.  We melt white crayons in an old cup and then us paint brushes to brush the melted crayon wax on our eggs.  When the crayon wax cools and hardens, we dip the eggs into dye.  The eggs look really neat once they’re dry.  We love coloring Easter eggs!

Easter reminds us of….well, the Easter bunny and rabbits, so our story from the Café today is about Chubby, the sheep wrangling bunny.  Have you read “That’ll Do Rabbit” by Theresa Silcox?  It is a great story about an eight pound bunny that helps its owner herd a flock of 150 pound sheep!  Check the story out by clickinghere.  We think you’ll be amazed by this true story!



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