Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Good Morning….have you read “THE PEANUT BUTTER POET” by Catherine May Webb?  I’ve mentioned it before, but Krumbs and I found it again yesterday while we were looking around the Café and we decided we had to talk about it today.

As you know, we love peanut butter’s sweet and salty goodness and we know, as long as you aren’t allergic to it, it is actually quite good for you.    Peanut butter has vitamin E, magnesium to build bones, potassium for your muscles, and vitamin B6 to keep you healthy.

             Peanut butter is your body's powerhouse, but in Catherine May Webb's story, peanut butter saves the day!  Check out this fantastic story by clicking here.

Are you interested in making one of Krumbs and my favorite peanut butter snack?  The info is below:

It is a really greast snack, so give it a try!  You may want to be careful with the cinnamon--it can be pretty spicy so only use a little bit!
We'll see you later!


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