Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Good Morning, Good MorningGOOD MORNING! 

Krumbs and I are so excited!  The weather is warming—FINALLY!  The sun is shining—FINALLY!  And, best of all, we’re spring vacationing-WAHOO!!   We truly feel that nothing is better than spring vacation…are we right?

We’ve spent three days now staying up a little later, sleeping a little longer and spending hours and hours and hours outside!  We’ve been pogo-ing along the driveway, rollerblading, shooting hoops, pitching softballs and, of course, chasing chipmunks.  Krumbs is happy.  I’m happy.  Our friends are happy.  HAPPY, HAPPYHAPPY! 

 It’s feels amazing to have the time to just play, play, play, all day.  I don’t think we have enough time to play anymore.  I am in school all day, then I have afterschool activities, homework, chorus and softball practice.  On weekends, I complete school projects, read my books, and spend hours in softball games and music lessons.  I LOVE ALL THESE THINGS, but I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss just playing in my backyard, chasing whiffle balls and chipmunks with my dog and exploring the woods with my friends.  Everything I do and every club I’m in takes up part of my time and all of a sudden, there is no time left for playing.

How about you? Do you have time to play outside, hang out with your friends and just enjoy “down time”?  Visit Klub Krumbs and tell us about what you do with your free time and whether you would change things if you could.

Krumbs and I?  We’re just going to stop writing right this second because we are going out to play!  (And we hope you are too!)


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