Friday, March 15, 2013


The tests are almost over...the tests are almost over....the tests are almost over...and things will get back to normal-Hurray!!! 

The tests really aren't so bad, but the change in routine stinks.  There is such a build-up...get ready, eat super healthy, get enough sleep, do your absolute best.  UGH!  Aren't these things we're supposed to do every day?  I don't know about you...but we're done with the tests and I couldn't be happier!

Krumbs and I are going to have a great weekend.  We plan to have a few friends over, hang out outside and start warming up for the season.  You know which season I'm talking about, right?  Softball and baseball are coming soon to a field near you...and I couldn't be happier!!!

It has been a long, hard winter, but we can see the worst is over.  Now it is all about the roar of the crowd, the smack of ball against bat, the long slides into home...the streaks of dirt on my face and the dust on my pants.  Now it is all about the start of my favorite season.  WAHOO!!! 

What is your favorite season?  What sport makes you feel alive? If you're a baseball or softball fan like me, check out the Cafe article called, "Spitting on the Field" by Susie Yakowicz.  Let us know what you think about this fun article...and then get out and PLAY BALL!


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