Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hi Everybody!

Big News from Cookie and Krumbs…

            I am going to perform in a singing contest!  I know, I know—I’m a little nervous about the whole thing, but I’ve taken singing lessons for a LOOOONNNGGGG time (well, about a year) and I think it is time to perform!

            The contest is being held by the owners of a coffee shop in my town and I am really excited!  The sign-up sheet said there would be prizes, but I am thinking more about just performing in front of a crowd.  Cool, right?

            Krumbs and I started thinking about what it would take to be a singer, (aside from taking singing lessons, which I am already doing) so we checked out the Imagination Café’s “Job-a-Palooza section”.  This part of the Café has a whole list of careers and the articles tell you what you have to do to become a member of each career, how much money you can make and lots of other interesting info.

            I read Karen Leet’s article about singers and I am pretty psyched.  I learned about a professional singer named Mary LaFleur who sings songs for kids.  Her album, “Pink Elephants” won a “Parent’s Choice Gold Award” and Mary travels around performing for schools and libraries.  You can even listen to one of her songs when you read the article!

            I’m not sure if I want to sing children’s songs.  To be honest, I didn’t even think about it until I read about Mary LaFleur, but I think it would be awesome to do something like that.  Maybe I could sing for adults and children…who knows?  The possibilities are endless!

Check out the article on singers by clicking here or visit “Job-a-Palooza” by clickinghere.  I am going to practice my song and Krumbs is going to listen.  Wish me luck!!!
-Cookie and Krumbs


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