Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Krumbs and I are tired of snow.  We’ve shoveled, made snowmen (and snow dogs), had snowball fights and built igloos.  We are tired of slushy, wet, cold stuff and we’re dreaming of warm, wet air, waterfalls and exotic animals.  Yep, we’re dreaming of jungles and rainforests-AHHHHH!

Of course, as soon as we thought of wonderful water, animated animals and gloriously warm air, we thought of the Café.  We know the Café can take us places and introduce us to things we’ve never seen before.  We also know there is a fabulous article about an indoor jungle located right in the middle of a city!  That’s right…we went right to Janice Bjornstad’s article, “Jungle in the City” for a little rest and natural relaxation.  Check it out by clicking here, but first check out a photo from Ms. Bjornstad's article for a cool preview of the warm jungle:

Isn't it just a dream? 

 I wish I could swing from a vine, flip through the air and land in the water right under that beautiful, cascading waterfall.  (Isn't "CASCADING" a great word?  We LOVE it!!)

Oh well, we'll keep dreaming so we can forget the cold, hard truth...we're stuck in cold, wet, slushy SNOW!  Have a great day.  Krumbs and I wish you fun, happiness and great dreams filled with warm air and waterfalls!



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