Friday, February 8, 2013


The Café is buzzing with news about elephants this week.  Did you know two different kinds of elephants live in Africa?  Krumbs and I had no idea.  We’d heard of African Elephants and Asian Elephants, but we had no idea there are two different kinds of African Elephants that live in two completely different parts of Africa. 

The article is called, “The Elephants of OneContinent and Two Different Worlds”.  Did you know Africa has areas that are very dry and grassy and areas that are very wet and tropical?  We didn’t know about the land and we really had no idea two very different elephants live in each very different area of Africa—cool, right?

Check out David Brown’s article and learn to tell the difference between elephants by looking at their ears!  Find out which type of elephant is the largest living land mammal on earth and learn about both elephants’ built in “cell phones.   This article was full of amazing little facts to amaze and impress…check it out!


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