Monday, February 18, 2013


Happy Monday, Friends!

I had a sore throat all weekend...YUCK!  My throat looked gross and felt even worse, my breath was horrid and my head felt like one hundred drummers were beat, beat, beating on it!  The only way to feel better was to eat something cold, that melted fast.  What better tasty treat to eat than a Popsicle?  Popsicles had just the right cold, fruity, melty goodness and were just plain, yummy in the tummy (and cool and easy on the throat)!

Krumbs was with me on this one.  Well, he didn't have the sore throat, but he was there with Popsicles, sympathy and....articles from the Cafe to keep me busy!  He is my best friend in the world.  Did you know the Cafe has a recipe for homemade Popsicles?  I knew but forgot about it--let's face it, winter is not the usual time for Popsicles.  Krumbs looked up the article and made them for me.  (Click here for the recipe) The author, Joy Delgado, suggests making Popsicles out of watermelon but Krumbs got creative and he used melon and grapes.  They were really great for my throat!

Once the medicine set in, I was feeling a little better.  You know how that still feel too sick to go outside or jump around, but well enough to be bored.  That in between time stinks, but Krumbs had a solution.  We visited the Cafe and read Michelle Barone's article, "From Idea to Invention" and I found out how the first Popsicle was invented!  The article also explained the first ice cream cone, the invention of the band-aid, the yo-yo and Barbie dolls!  (If you're interested in any of things, click here to read the article)

By the time we'd read through the article, I was feeling up to a little paperball.  Are you wondering about "Paperball"?  Well, it is a super-easy game that doesn't make a mess, knock anything over or break anything--and you can do it from your bed!  Take three sheets of paper (any kind) and smoosh each one into a ball.  Have a friend take a bucket, basket or plastic garbage can and place it a few feet from the bed.  Now, throw the paperball into the basket and score two points!  Your friend (or you, once you feel up to it) can move the basket all over the room and keep score.  First one to 20 points wins!

Now I'm feeling better and heading back to school.  Thank goodness for Krumbs, the Cafe, Popsicle Recipes and Paperball!  Talk to you soon!  Stay healthy!



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