Friday, August 3, 2012


Guess what we saw today?!?!  Krumbs and I went hiking out in the woods and we found a pond.  It was just a normal day…until we saw the cutest thing.  A baby duckling climbed onto its mother’s back and sat there while she swam around the pond!!  The baby was tired from swimming and too young (and too tired) to reach the shore, so the momma duck just carried her duckling around the pond until the baby was rested and ready to swim again.  Krumbs tells me this is just one way animal parents take care of their babies.

He reminded me of an opossum we saw walking across the road one night a few weeks ago.  We were laughing at how round and slow the animal was (and honestly, I think that's because we were a little creeped out by its eerily glowing eyes reflected in the flashlight beams—very, very creepy), but we learned something new that night.   When an opossum is that heavy, she is usually pregnant or she’s carrying her little babies around in her pouch.  Did you know an opossum carries its babies in a pouch like a kangaroo?  I thought cool animals like that (I am thinking about Koala Bears and Kangaroos) only lived in far-away places like Australia!!  Who knew we had marsupials right in our backyard?  (Umm...I guess now I know, right?)

 Anyway...Krumbs and I visited the Café and we found an amazing article called “OH BABY!” by Estella Kennon.  The article has all kind of information about how animals care for their babies.  Find out which animal parents carry babies in their mouths, keep them in a pouch, carry them on their backs, or leave them completely alone (yikes!)—it’s all here in Estella Kennon’s article.

What’s up for your weekend?  Krumbs and I are headed off to Rhode Island…a new state for us and we’re staying in a beach town!!!  We’ll be swimming in the ocean for two days!  Check back with us on Monday for more news and adventures.


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