Monday, August 6, 2012


Rhode Island ROCKS!!!!  Krumbs and I had the most amazing time in the ocean.   The water was sparkling like diamonds and the waves were amazing.  I discovered I am an awesome body surfer and that Krumbs loves salt water and catching bits of foam from the waves.  (I was convinced he would be lost without chipmunks to chase, but it didn’t happen!  The foam from the crashing waves was enough to keep him hap-hap-happy for three days!)

 Did we see any Sea Monsters, you ask???  Nope, we didn’t see a single one, but we did see crabs, seashells, jellyfish and lots and lots of sand.  The crabs were an adventure…we were tossing ourselves around in the waves, having a great time when all of a sudden a huge wave left us tumbling on the shore.  Laughing and gasping for air, we jumped up and that’s when I noticed Krumbs had “picked up” some new friends.  Yep, there on Krumbs’ back, clinging for dear life, were two terrified crabs.  I don’t know how he didn’t feel them pulling on his fur, but Krumbs is a dog who gets wrapped up in the moment and he just didn’t feel them bouncing along on his back.  As soon as I saw them, Krumbs stopped moving and I took them off.  Krumbs really believes in getting up close and personal with the local animals!!!  Check him out in the drawing I made:

The jelly fish were just lying on the beach when the tide went out.  Thank Goodness—I have no desire to get friendly with the stinging tentacles of a jelly fish, thank you very much!  They looked kind of gruesome— like clear blobs of jello with strings trailing off to nowhere. The jelly fish were gross and gruesome, but truly inspiring!! We came up with some really fun recipes, which I’ll share later this week.

We survived the crabs and the jelly fish and we found out we are not very good sandcastle builders.  Everything we made crumbled.  Hopefully, we can read up on that and figure out how to do it for next time. Are you a super sandcastle maker?  We would love some tips on that!!!

Anyway...Krumbs and I will be back visiting the Cafe this week.  We’re looking forward to making some cool discoveries and finding some new things to do.  In the meantime, check back on Wednesday for more about our adventures and to get some really fun recipes!


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