Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Welcome to
 Cookie & Krumb's Kick-Off to Classroom Countdown!
As we see it, we have 5 days left to enjoy the last LATE, GREAT DAYS OF SUMMER.  (Of course, the mornings aren't really so late anymore~we've had to set our alarms for 7:30 AM so we can get  used to waking up for-GASP! school.)  We've planned some fun stuff every say our final good by to summerand gear up for the start of the school year.
Yesterday we turned our driveway into a TRIBUTE TO SUMMER.  First we made some fantastic Watermelon Pops (from the Cafe, of course) because what is a tribute without the food???  Then, we brought out chalk and created our own goodby to summer and hello to school.  You can check out some of our photos below:


Soooo...we had a great time making up silly rhymes and creating great graphics, while getting very, very chalky!  I love being covered with chalk dust...did you know that before ENO boards, before smartboards, before white boards, there were chalk boards in every classroom of every school Teachers got dusty every single time they wrote on the board...and students fought for the special job of pounding the dust out of the chalkboard erasers every day at recess.  Our schools still have a few chalkboards, but they're not used very often.  My mom and dad remember when every classroom had a chalkboard that was used every day~ch-ch-ch-changes!!!!
Today we are planning an EPIC Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby!  We are so psyched to play and the plan is all in place, so its time to go!  Here's our math problem of the day:
Five friends + four dogs + twenty-eight wiffle balls + six bats = EPIC FUN and LOTS OF HOME RUNS
Check back with us again as we count down our last days of summer!  


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