Monday, June 3, 2013


Guess what we did this weekend?  We experimented with...FRUIT!  Yes, you read that right, we experimented with fruit this weekend.  Temperatures reached ninety degrees Fahrenheit this weekend and we needed hydration (so we wouldn’t look like the dehydrated cucumber snake from last week!) Tell me, what is better than sweet hydration?

Fruit is chock full of H20 and boy, did we need it this weekend!  We checked out Sandra Muncaster’s amazing article, “Scary, Hairy, Scaly - Freaky Fruitsand then we taste-tested.  We’ve done this before and we loved it, so we tried again…with awesome results!

I’ll be honest with you.  We didn’t try the thorn-covered, smelly, pinkking of fruits” from South America.  We also didn’t sample the scale-covered, seedy fruit with seeds that must be well-chewed in order for our bodies to digest them.  Guess what?  We didn’t eat the hair- covered fruit with poisonous seeds either!  Are you curious about these wild fruits?  Click here to learn all about these deliciously different and dangerously daring fruits!

While Krumbs and I were inspired by Sandra Muncaster’s article, we decided to sample some fruits that we could find more easily.  We ate starfruit (yummy and star-shaped), kiwi (love the lime green color and edible seeds) and uglyfruit (not attractive looking, but sweet and tasty.  These were deliciously different, yet we found them easily in our grocery store.

What are your “go to” summer foods?  What cools you down and makes you feel amazing when the summer sun beats down?  Click here to visit Klub Krumbs and tell us all about your summer fun foods!

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