Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Krumbs and Cookie’s Question of the Day:

How far away can a dog be and still pick up a scent?

I bet you’ll be shocked by the answer, even though Krumbs was not shocked at all.  Are you wondering?  Are you curious?  Do you know the answer?  A dog can pick up a scent from half a mile away!!!!  Krumbs can really smell a squirrel (or me) from half a mile away. 

Dogs are amazing and I don’t feel that way just because I happen to have a particularly fantastic dog.  Krista Noble wrote this incredible article for the Imagination Café called “Knowing Nose: How Canine Sniffers Help Humans” and it is chock full of really amazing information on man’s (and my) best friend.  Krista says, for instance, that dogs can even detect scents under the water!

Interested in learning more?  Clickhere to find read Krista Noble’s article.

Do you know what else is really cool today?  Well, last night Krumbs and I helped our mom bake a super cool cake for our friend’s birthday.  How cool was it?  I can say this… we’re freezing because this cake is so cool.  Krumbs, my wonderful pup, is really thrilled about it because the cake is a dog!  REALLY—it looks like a puppy!  Check it out below:

So that’s it for us!  Some really cool dog facts in honor of our really cool dog cake and an awesome article recommendation! Come back and visit soon for more from

Cookie and Krumbs!


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