Monday, May 5, 2014


It’s furry…it’s fast…and it’s Krumbs favorite thing in the world.  What is it, you ask?  It is the chipmunk, of course!

The cheeky little chipmunks are racing around our yard and Krumbs loves every minute of it.  He’s already started marathon chipmunk chasing sessions and is getting super-strong from all the running.  It feels really great to be able to run and stretch outside after a long, awful winter.

Text Box: Did You Know?  Fun Chipmunk Facts
Did you know chipmunks can fill their cheeks so full of food, the cheeks can stretched t o be as big as their heads?
Did you know chipmunks do not hibernate?
Did you know chipmunks can tunnel through three feet of snow?
Krumbs and I spent some time indoors this weekend checking out some fun facts about chipmunks and you know where we went first, don’t you?  We searched the “Doggy Bag” section of the Imagination Café for articles on our fast and funny friends.  We found a great article by Lisa Hart called “CheekyChipmunks.”  The article was chock full of fun information about Krumbs’ tiny friends and we learned a lot.









Are you interested in learning more about Krumbs’ favorite springtime friends?  Check out Lisa Hart’s article and then follow the links to some neat folktales and Native American legends about chipmunks!


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