Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Good Morning Everyone,

Krumbs and I have a weird and wildly wonderful spider discovery for you today.  A student at Pennsylvania State University was studying insects in Peru when he noticed a type of teeny-tiny ray spider with a giant talent!  The amazing arachnid  makes a web that it uses like a slingshot!  When the spider senses a bug is near, it releases a silken thread and the web slingshots forward- BANG! -Lunch is served!

Don't believe us?  Click under the picture of the slingshot spider below to watch a video of the spider in action:
Use the backward pointing arrow at the top of your screen to come
 back here when the video is over!

Looking for more unbelievable animal facts?  Here's one we love, straight from "Food for Thought" section of Imagination Café:

An ethologist is someone who
studies animal behavior.

Every time you log into the Café, "Food for Thought" displays a new and fascinating fact! Oh! If you're only looking for amazing animal information, check out the Cafe's "Creature Feature" by clicking here.

Have a great day!

Cookie and Krumbs


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