Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Good Morning World!

Are you ready for Cookie and Krumbs Question of the Day (a day late for Memorial Day?)


You know “Uncle Sam,” right?  The image of “Uncle Sam” has been used to describe the United States since 1812.  You can see an image of “Uncle Sam” right here:


Now, if you’re wondering who created “Uncle Sam”, how it started and what it means, you can check out the Imagination-Café’s “Weekly Special” section.  Annie Laura Smith’s article, “WHY WAS THE UNITED STATES NICKNAMED UNCLE SAM?will tell you everything you need to know about this great image of America.  Check it out by clicking here.

Did you celebrate Memorial Day?  Krumbs and I had a fantastic picnic at the softball field after watching the Memorial Day Parade…and it was awesome.  We ate vegetarian hot dogs, meat-filled hamburgers, coleslaw, corn on the cob and strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream for dessert.  Who could ask for anything more than good food, great softball and a parade?

Whatever you did and however you spent your day, we hope you had a great one!  Check back with us later this week for more fun, and cool information.


Cookie and Krumbs

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Are you ready for the Cookie and Krumbs Crazy Question of the Day?  Well, Ladies and Gentlemen…dadadadadadadadadadada…(a little drum roll, right there!) Here it is:

How much of a cucumber is water?

Are you curious about why we’re asking such a silly question today?  Well, it is sort of wild, really.  Remember when we carved a snake out of the really long cucumber my mom bought last week?  We loved our cucumber snake (check out the picture below):

But…something strange and wonderful happened over the weekend.  We forgot about our slick and slim snake-y friend and we left it out on the windowsill.  Guess what we found this morning?  We found a very different cucumber snake (check out the picture below):

So now you can understand our question of the day!  Cucumbers are 95% water.  By sitting on the windowsill all weekend, our slick and slim snake-y friend became seriously dehydrated and, unlike people, we can’t do anything to re-hydrate our friend—we will have to love just the way he is…until he gets moldy and we have to throw him away. 

So that’s our great revelation for today.  Cucumbers are chock full of water and they can definitely lose their water—cool, right?  Let us know about your cool experiments on Klub Krumbs by clicking here.


Friday, May 17, 2013


You have to see it to believe it…Krumbs and I created an ode to spring—and it is an edible ode!  We’ve already told you our first sign of spring is when we s-s-see s-s-snakes s-s-sunning.  That idea was the inspiration for our edible ode to spring.

DUHN, DA, DA, DUHN…(my drum roll, thank you!) Here it is:

It is kind of slithery sleek and copiously cool, right?  We love our cucumber and carrot snake.  It all started when I was assigned to make last night’s dinner salad.  Mom had bought these super long cucumbers and Krumbs and I kept saying they looked like snakes.  Well, after I peeled a cucumber I kept using the peeler to peel away long strands of crisp cucumber.  The long, skinny cucumber kept getting longer and skinnier until I all that was left was a long line of seeds…and we don’t like to eat those seeds!!

Krumbs took one look at the seedy cucumber leftovers and it took him about 15 seconds to point out that if I cut the end into a point, the cucumber could be a snake!  One end of the “snake” was thicker because the peeler didn’t reach that far, so it was the head.  A little slice of carrot and a couple of carrot bits, placed carefully on the cucumber gave us….an edible ode to spring!!!!

Awesomely fun!  Try it yourself.  And if you’re looking for more fun and fabulous recipes check out the "What's Cooking?" page of the Imagination-Café.  You can find all kinds of great goodies that are easy to make and tasty tooClick here to see "What's Cooking?" at the Imagination-Cafe!



Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Help-hiccup-I have a horrible-hiccup-case of singultus! 

I bet you think I’ve gone crazy, don’t you?  No you don't because, of course, you’ve already figured out that singultus is the scientific name for….hiccups!  Well, I am talking about hiccups because I can’t seem to get rid of them today.

Have you ever had a ridiculously long bout of hiccups?  It really stinks!  This is the first time I’ve had to deal with singultus for such a long time…and it is awful!  I’ve had hiccups now for almost an hour!

Krumbs says that is actually nothing compared to Charles Osbourne.  He had a bout of singultus that lasted 68 years!!  I cannot even imagine that, can you?  (I can’t even stand one hour…and Krumbs says in order to be considered “persistent”, hiccups have to last more than 48 hoursI will lose my mind!!!)

Are you wondering where in the world Krumbs is getting such unusual information?  Nope…of course, you already know!  Krumbs was visiting the Imagination Café and he found an article by Michaele Charles called “What’s Up with Hiccups?”  The article has all kinds of cool facts and information about sinulutus…and suggestions about how to get rid of this pesky problem!

Check out the 411 on hiccups by clicking here!  Krumbs and I are off to swallow some sugar… and if you read the article and you’ll know why!

Cookie and Krumbs

Friday, May 10, 2013


Ahhhh….spring is really, really, officially and incredibly here!  How do I know?  What did I find?  Who did I see?  I found my official sign of spring yesterday, right in my backyard!


No, it is not baseball or softball.  It is not flowers, green grass or tree buds.  All of those things may be signs of spring for you…but for Krumbs and I, spring officially arrives when the snakes start crawling through my backyard grass.  And no, I am not CRAZY!!!


Yesterday, Krumbs and I were walking across the yard, basking in the bright, warm sun.  We were walking slowly because the sun felt SO GOOD after a few cooler, rainy days.  When we arrived at the edge of our flower garden, we stopped to see what was growing and there it was!!!


Stretched across a gray rock and preening in the golden light, lay a beautiful greenish-brown snake.  It was so content, (kind of like Krumbs and I, right?) that it looked right at us and didn’t even move!  Of course we were thrilled…and we announced the official start of spring!

How about you?  Do you love sleek, slithery snakes?  Do these remarkable reptiles make you shiver with joy or shake with fear?  If you are a fan of snakes, we’d like to recommend Alicia Klepies’ article about unusual snakes on the Imagination Café.  The author tells about three amazing and unusual snakes found in Australia—check it out by clicking here!

Have a great weekend my friends.  We’re off to hunt snakes…and maybe take a photo for next week.  Check back soon!


Cookie and Krumbs

Monday, May 6, 2013


What a glorious weekend!  Krumbs and I had two days filled with softball games, sleepovers, sun and terrifically tasty foodsHow about you?
We lost two softball games-L, but we won two others-J  The weather was awesome, warm enough to get rid of coats and sweatshirts but cool enough that we weren’t horribly hot…it was so perfect!  I haven’t been the world’s greatest hitter recently, but it is cool that my team supports each player and the coach tells me everything will come back around.  What do you think about that?  Softball is a kind of “in your head” game, so it is hard to stop thinking about not doing well….when you’re not doing well.

What do you do to get out of a slump?  Yogi Berra, one of the greatest clutch hitters of all time, said "I can't think and hit at the same time" and I think he may be right.  I am thinking too much, too often.  Krumbs and I found a great site called “Girls” and it is filled with tips and advice for hitting and hitting slumps....but I'm not out of my slump yet.

If you have any good tips for me, visit Klub Krumbs and share them!  Krumbs and I would love to hear from youjust click hereto register. 

Have a great day and check back with us soon!
Cookie and Krumbs

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Good Morning!  Are You READY?  Here it comes.... 
Cookie and Krumbs Crazy Question of the Day:

What kind of milk comes in orange, berry, banana, and tropical fruit flavors?

Are you curious? Are you interested?  We found the answer in Deborah Mitchell’s article “Milk Minus the Moo” at the Imagination Café.  This is a super cool article that explores lots of options to plain, old milk. 

We had no idea there were so many kinds of milk…and none are from a cow!  (Get it?   It is Milk MINUS the “MOO”!!!!!) Of course, there is one more amazing part to this article…(Our very favorite thing) a recipe!  We tried Deborah Mitchell’s recipe for a “fruity non-dairy shake” and it was FRUITY-LICIOUS!

Now I know you’re ready to check it out!  Just click here to see Deborah Mitchell’s “moo-ving” article!