Monday, April 29, 2013


Here’s the Cookie and Krumbs Question of the Day:

How many hairs fall out of your head every day?

Are you curious?  Are you wondering?  Are you thinking about it?  We checked out the Imagination Café this weekend and found a great article about hair in Science Section. 

According to Sandie Lee in the article, “Hair, Hair Everywhere”, an average person loses 40 to 100 hairs every day!!!  We found out lots of cool info in this article…did you know babies have hair all over their bodies before they are born? Do you know the length of the longest hair in the world and which body part determines whether you have straight or curly hair?  Krumbs and I know and so can you!

Curious?  Interested?  Intrigued?  Click here to check out Sandie Lee’s fantastic article.  You’ll have lots of fabulous follicular facts to share with friends!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


A Fast and Fabulous "Did You Know?" Fact from Cookie and Krumbs:

Dogs grow 10 times as fast as humans!
Cool, right?  I found the fact right on the first page of the Imagination Cafe.  The section, called "Food for Thought" gives all kinds of fast, fun facts that you can share with your friends.  Looking for another one?
Little Red Riding Hood's first name was Blanchette!
Krumbs and I love fast, fun facts and if you do too, click here to visit the "Food for Thought" section of the Cafe.  The facts change every few minutes, so if you browse around for a while, you can store up a lot of fast, fun and fabulous facts!
We're sort of getting used to being back at school now that we've been back for three days.  I miss the easy, breezy life of leisure, but I am enjoying school now.  I scored as 40/40 on my math paper...and I finished in 20 minutes!  Pretty awesome, when math isn't my best subject.  It proves that I've been really working hard though!!!

A cockroach has two brains!
Yep, it's just another fast, fun, fabulous fact I needed to share.  Check it out at the Imagination Cafe!  Have a great day everyone!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Oh woe is me, woe is me!  Vacation week is over and we are going back to school.  UGH!!!  It is not so much that I dislike school, because I don’t mind school.  It is just that school means so many things…structure and schedules, quizzes, tests and homework, grades, close friends and some not so close friends.  Sometimes I feel like school just means “stress”, with a capital “S”!

But, there are the good things about school too.  There are good books, cool science experiments, Spanish classes, lunch and recess, and even getting 100’s on papers, tests and quizzes.  (Yes, studying and taking the tests and quizzes is not pleasant, but getting that 100 or even 90, is FANTASTIC!!)  There is also the chance to hang out with my friends during the day, which I do enjoy…a lot!

I am sleepy and I don’t want to go right now, but I know once I’m in the building, it won’t seem that bad at all.  (Right now I am like a tortoise, feeling clumsy and slow.  All I want to do is pull my head inside my shell and go back to sleep—this body quickly got  used to sleeping late and it is screaming at the thought of a 6:15 wake-up call—UGH! UGH! UGH!

I can’t help but think of the story of the tortoise and the hare…wow, do I feel like a lowly, slowly moving tortoise this morning!  I’d feel bad about that except, according to Jean Soohoo, the tortoise is the way to go when you deal with school.  Are you curious?  Check out her article on the Café called, “TORTOISE VICTORIOUS! Whenit comes time to hit the books, take a tip from the tortoise…and find out why sometimes it’s not so bad to be the tortoise!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Good Morning, Good MorningGOOD MORNING! 

Krumbs and I are so excited!  The weather is warming—FINALLY!  The sun is shining—FINALLY!  And, best of all, we’re spring vacationing-WAHOO!!   We truly feel that nothing is better than spring vacation…are we right?

We’ve spent three days now staying up a little later, sleeping a little longer and spending hours and hours and hours outside!  We’ve been pogo-ing along the driveway, rollerblading, shooting hoops, pitching softballs and, of course, chasing chipmunks.  Krumbs is happy.  I’m happy.  Our friends are happy.  HAPPY, HAPPYHAPPY! 

 It’s feels amazing to have the time to just play, play, play, all day.  I don’t think we have enough time to play anymore.  I am in school all day, then I have afterschool activities, homework, chorus and softball practice.  On weekends, I complete school projects, read my books, and spend hours in softball games and music lessons.  I LOVE ALL THESE THINGS, but I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY miss just playing in my backyard, chasing whiffle balls and chipmunks with my dog and exploring the woods with my friends.  Everything I do and every club I’m in takes up part of my time and all of a sudden, there is no time left for playing.

How about you? Do you have time to play outside, hang out with your friends and just enjoy “down time”?  Visit Klub Krumbs and tell us about what you do with your free time and whether you would change things if you could.

Krumbs and I?  We’re just going to stop writing right this second because we are going out to play!  (And we hope you are too!)

Friday, April 12, 2013


Trees are budding, daffodils blooming, grass greening…and balls flying—baseballs and softballs, that is.  That’s right, it’s baseball and softball season and Krumbs and I couldn’t be happier.

We love everything about spring, but most of all we love baseball and softball.  I love the CRACK! Of bat against ball, the SMACK! Of ball hitting glove and the ROAR! Of a screaming crowd.  Krumbs loves chasing fly balls during practice, watching games and getting lots of attention from people watching the game.  Baseball and Softball season is a win-win for both of us…it is the reason spring is our favorite season of the year!

And of course, we have our favorite baseball tales and treasures…have you read “Spitting on the Field” by Susie Yackowicz?  It’s a really fun article about an unusual, slightly disgusting part of baseball history.  Check it out by clicking here.

When does your season start?  My first games are this weekend…and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!  Check back next week for the “Cookie and Krumbs Official Game Tally”.  Until then…enjoy spring anyway you can!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brackets, Wires and Elastics--OH MY!

What is the worst news ever?  Well, if you’re Krumbs, it could be something like…never being able to chase chipmunks again.  If you’re me, it’s probably being told I have to have braces put on my teethUGH!

It’s not that braces are that bad by themselves.  It is more that I really dislike going to the dentist.  I don’t like people’s hands in my mouth, things touching my tongue and water squirting up my nose by way of my nose/throat connection.  I’m thinking having braces means more hands in my mouth, more often…and that stinks!

Krumbs claims that braces won’t be that bad.  He showed me an article on the Café about orthodontists and I found out these doctors are a lot different than I thought.  For instance, some orthodontists study bone growth and how to make braces more effective and other orthodontists fix cleft palates along with straightening teeth.  The article even talked about invisible braces!!!  (I think I’m up for exploring that information a little bit more!)

Want to find out more about orthodontists?  Check out Imagination-Café’s profile on amazing orthodontists by clicking here.
Visit us again to find out about my first orthodontist appointment, my crooked teeth, and my (hopefully) invisible braces!
Cookie and Krumbs

Friday, April 5, 2013


Do you love a good ghost story?  Do you like chills creeping up your arms like little red ants marching along to make your spine tingle?

We do, too and boy, do we have a recommendation for you!  Krumbs and I were hanging out at the Imagination Cafe yesterday and we stumbled into the "Tip Jar".  Did you know the "Tip Jar" has fantastic recommendations on books, movies and lots of other cool stuff? 

We found that out quick enough.  We clicked into the "Book-tastic" section and we found a reader recommendation called Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers by Walter Rouzer.  The book is FANTASTIC and we are really enjoying it. 

What are you reading these days?  Did you know you can share your book reviews on the Cafe?  Join Klub Krumbs and you can share a great book with all your Cafe friends!

Happy Reading!


Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy Passover!  Happy Easter! 

Krumbs and I celebrated both holidays this week.  We had a fantastic Passover Seder with our family and friends on Tuesday and an Easter egg hunt with our family and friends on Sunday. 

How about you?  Which spring holiday did you celebrate?  Did you celebrate both like Krumbs and I or do you celebrate a holiday I haven’t even mentioned yet?

We noticed Passover and Easter both use an egg.  We like the idea of eggs as a symbol of new life and re-birth.  Isn’t that what happens in the spring?  Everything that was dead and buried under snow and ice starts to grow again.

We colored eggs last Friday.  We melt white crayons in an old cup and then us paint brushes to brush the melted crayon wax on our eggs.  When the crayon wax cools and hardens, we dip the eggs into dye.  The eggs look really neat once they’re dry.  We love coloring Easter eggs!

Easter reminds us of….well, the Easter bunny and rabbits, so our story from the Café today is about Chubby, the sheep wrangling bunny.  Have you read “That’ll Do Rabbit” by Theresa Silcox?  It is a great story about an eight pound bunny that helps its owner herd a flock of 150 pound sheep!  Check the story out by clickinghere.  We think you’ll be amazed by this true story!